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Mission Valley Herniated Disc & Slipped Disc Care

Pinched nerve. Bulging disc. Herniated disc. Slipped disc. What’s the difference?

Woman holds her back in painUnfortunately, too many health care professionals today can’t agree on what these terms mean and use them interchangeably. These imprecise descriptions are frustrating and confusing for patients who are plagued by spinal disc problems.

Expert author and chiropractor, Dr. Britton locates the cause of your health challenge, pinpointing a diagnosis to form the most effective treatment plan possible.

Identifying Your Body’s Needs

The discs in your spine act as shock absorbers. They’re made of cartilage that can become irritated, inflamed, bulged or ruptured if the spine undergoes trauma, whether big or small.

There may be signs that you suffer from disc issues, such as numbness and tingling in the arms and legs that are often followed by sharp, shooting pains. You can, however, have serious disc issues without having any indications. The severity of your pain does not necessarily dictate the condition of your discs.

Dr. Britton will ensure that you clearly understand your diagnosis, the source of your problem and what we plan to do to help you. Contact Neurosynthesis: Mission Valley Nerve, Disc and Kinesiology to get started.

Reach out for Mission Valley herniated disc & slipped disc treatment. We’re here to help you!