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Degenerative Disc Disease Care

Chronic Pain Relief

Dr. Britton collaborates with other healthcare professionals at our location to understand the root cause of your chronic pain. Together, we’ll pinpoint the most effective methods to minimize and eventually eliminate your pain completely.

A Comprehensive Plan

You don't have to live in pain

Our multidisciplinary pain management center provides the latest advances in pain relief. We’ll even partner with your referring physician to develop a unique, individualized plan of care.

If you have tried various treatment such as surgery or physical therapy, but your problems aren’t going away we can help.

Our five-tier approach addresses

  • Metabolism changes in your body through supplementation
  • The body’s movement through kinesiology
  • The body’s structure through kinesiology
  • Your neurological processes to determine if neuropathy is present
  • The psychosocial aspects of pain, since stress affects our physical well-being

Be more active and feel empowered to improve your health. Contact us today to get started with degenerative disc disease care in Mission Valley!