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Posture Restoration

Mission Valley Chiropractor for posture rehabilitationPosture is the gateway to the integrity of our nervous system. Many younger people walk like they’re older than their years, bent over and feeling unstable. This posture is a sign that you’ve lost a part of your neurological system that must be regained to stabilize your health.

Correcting Structure to Reduce Pain

We provide advanced posture restoration treatment for pain and performance issues. Innovative, neurological-based treatment will assess underlying structural issues that may be contributing to your problems.

The main goal is to balance your body so that less stress is placed upon your joints and soft tissues. You’ll be able to move more easily and efficiently.

Examining the Body’s Balance

We’ll take a look at the muscular balance and symmetry in your entire body. X-rays will show us your body’s structure and alignment. Myofascial work and laser therapy will help your muscles regain their metabolism and strengthen quickly.

Nutrition, physical therapy and isometric exercises will further complement your healing.

You’ll be able to stand straight, tall and pain-free. Speak with us today to schedule your appointment!